Open winmail.dat online

You have received a mail attachment called winmail.dat or ATT0001 which you cannot open?

Simply drag your Winmail.dat file in this window, in this grey Drag & Drop zone.


  1. Save the winmail.dat file on your computer.
  2. Click the Browse button shown below in order to choose the file.
  3. Click the Upload button and wait until the file has been uploaded.
  4. After that you can view your files or download them in zip format.

(Max filesize: 100 MB)

Your winmail.dat files will be sent over a secure connection to our server, unzipped there, and subsequently offered to you as a download.
Your files are made available only to you. With the exception of processes managed by you on the website (e.g. opening or zipping), we do not analyse your files, save copies of them or give them to any third party!
If the files are not removed via the "Delete files" button, then this will automatically happen after about an hour.